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Princess Nevermore Updated and Expanded Edition

Princess Nevermore is the story about a Princess named Quinn who lives in the underground kingdom of Mandria.  She visits the home of a great wizard named Melikar, and his apprentice Cam.  She and Cam had dreamed of traveling beyond the wishing pond that seperates Mandria from outer earth (our earth), and shame befalls Cam as he accidentally sends the princess traveling to outer earth, alone.  Quinn is now stuck on outer earth with nothing to barter, no shelter, and no idea of how to get home.  She finds herself staying with an elderly man (Mondo), and two siblings (Sarah, and Adam).  The princess has duties at home that she must attend to, but will being on outer earth change those responsibilites for her?  Will she want to return home?  Also, there is something strange about Mondo that she just can't quite put her finger on, and there is a hidden danger that awaits her.  This revised edition re-tells the tale of Quinn and her journey but now there is more to the story. To purchase Princess Nevemore, click here for or click here for Barnes and Noble. 


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