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Princess Nevermore Trivia

1. The original title was The Princess from Under the River. Princess Nevermore was suggested by the vice president of Scholastic. It turned out to be the perfect title.

2. Names in Princess Nevermore:

Quinn and Cam: At the time, I thought these were unusual.

Adam and Sarah: These were the names of my cousin's children. I don't think they ever knew that my characters were named after them.

Melikar: When I was working in Colorado, one of the company vendors was named Melichar. I thought it sounded like the perfect name for a wizard. I changed the spelling to make the pronunciation more obvious.

Mondo: I invented this one, aiming for a name that sounded "other worldly."

Ameka: I saw this name in the newspaper and liked it enough to give it to my favorite tutor.

Dagon: I invented this name, however I recently signed a book to a "real" Dagon, who spelled it Daegon.

Scrabit: Totally invented

Marnie names: Grizzle, Taba (in CQ), and Jol—all invented. (In the original PN, the spelling was "Grissel," but was changed to "Grizzle" to match the sequel.)

Katze: I'd just returned from Germany when I wrote this scene and needed a good name for a cat.

Zack: Just a favorite name.

Roger: A guy I had a crush on in high school. Shhhh.

The teacher: In the original PN, his name is Mr. Muench, named after a friend. In the new edition, the teacher is Mr. French, a family name.

3. WonderLand Park is a real amusement park, located in Amarillo, Texas, therefore it's the actual Outer Earth setting.

4. Caprock High is a real high school in Amarillo. (Go, Longhorns!)

5. I don't think anyone at Caprock has ever known that their school is mentioned in Princess Nevermore!

6. A model was hired to pose for the original cover. (The princess standing on the footbridge.) But the image is so small, you cannot see what she actually looks like.)

7. I've been told that "Princess Nevermore" has become a Halloween costume for trick or treaters. I've even been asked for a better picture so a costume could be sewn.

8. A friend (who is now a famous adult author) suggested that I invent a sign that Mandrians use to seal agreements. I came up with the Sign of the Lorik. (Also an invented name.)

9. In the updated edition of PN, "radio" has been replaced by "iPod," "telephone" has been replaced by "cell phone," and "20th century" has been changed to "21st Century."

10. People have been saying "It's a Mandrian Truth" to me for the past decade.  I am not complaining.


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