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My Comments and Observations on Princess Nevermore

I have read both editions of Princess Nevermore, the 1995 edition and the 2007 updated and expanded edition.  In a period of ten years I'd read the 1995 edition so much that the binding is about to come apart, and the cover is very much abused from all the reading.  I returned to that story so many times, and each time it sprung to life in my mind.  I never tire of reading that edition.  I also found myself lending it to others to read, but because the novel was so important to me I always made sure that I got it back. 

So, you can imagine my excitement and delight when Dian had written the 2007 updated and expanded edition of Princess Nevermore.  I kept in mind that I knew that she'd changed some things, I just didn't know what she'd edited until I read it.  I can honestly say that I was not disappointed in what she did different with the story.  It was really nice to see what she'd added and changed.  For one, we, the readers, know more of what Cam and Quinn are thinking throughout the story.  That was important for me.  I could fully understand how strange Outer Earth must seem to Quinn.  Her journey really came to life for me in this new edition and so did Cam's feelings for what he'd done.

I realized how cars, buses, and a theme park could be seen as a prison or a torture chamber to Quinn.  The relationship between Adam and Quinn also was brought more to life for me, and it was nice to see more of an exchange of emotion between the two.  I really enjoyed this edition immensely. 

It was nice to be able to compare the differences between each edition, and I noticed nearly all the changes right off.  Dian, introduces new characters in this edition as well, and they play an important part in both Princess Nevermore and Cam's Quest.  I also liked how she made Mandria and the other underground kingdoms come to life.  She gave names to the kingdom's and she gave names to other people in these kingdom's as well, which really tied it all together for me.  This edition is definitely worth the read for all of you Princess Nevermore Fans.  And if you've never read it and are being introduced for the first time it is a must read.  I hope that this helps any of you who are curious as to the differences between both editions of Princess Nevermore.


My Comments and Observations on Cam's Quest

I am a huge Princess Nevermore Fan and have been since I first read the book in 1997.  And over a ten year period I kept watch for a sequel anywhere I could.  I would pay attention to commercials advertising books that were being made into movies, and I'd regularly search for Princess Nevermore on the internet.  So, last year around October when I happened upon Dian's website I was thrilled to learn that she'd written the sequel to Princess Nevermore called Cam's Quest.  I jumped up from my chair and ran to my mom and was excited to share the news.  I was absolutely in heaven, lol. 

I read Cam's Quest and I could not put that book down for anything.  Once I started I think I laid the book down twice and not but for 30 seconds each time.  It was really that good.  I had so many expectations, and they were all met without fail.  Mandria is just such a wonderful place to be and I felt as if I were really there.  Ameka is back in this edition as well as Melikar and the Marnies.  There are so many wonderful things to this book, and if I told them all then it would take away the surprise and wonderment.  But, I will tell you that it's full of twists and turns and when you think you have it figured out Dian just surprises you. 

Cam realizes that in order for him to at least have a future that he must go in search of his past because he doesn't have any idea of who he is.  I love quests' a lot.  They are fun for me to read, and this one was definitely exciting for me.  And the magical beings that Dian brings to life in this story is just brilliantly done, and they seem so real.  Everything seems so real to me, and it really came to life.  The 2007 edition of Princess Nevermore is integral to this book, and I'm grateful to have gotten to read the both of them.  I was never disappointed with Cam's Quest, not even once.  There were times when I was nearly in tears, I had several nail biting moments and I'm not sure my fingers will forgive me :), also there were times when the suspense literally had my heart racing with how it was going to turn out. 

I really hope that these comments helped and if you'd like to leave a comment on any of Dian's books please email me at and I will gladly put them on the site. Please be sure to put PN Fansite as the subject of your email.   



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